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Since the state's consolidation of information technology resources in 2014, the Office of Technology Services has saved Louisiana's taxpayer dollars by providing hundreds of top-notch products and services for its state and local government customers. OTS was formed as an ancillary organization meaning that OTS does not receive direct appropriations; instead, OTS provides products and services to other state entities and then invoices those agencies for products and/or services consumed. Many services are offered through a standard line of service in which the rate for the line of service includes costs for wholly managing the service in a reliable and efficient manner. Lines of service rates commonly include, but are not limited to:

  • Personnel to administer and support the equipment and services, including security and network management
  • Facility, hardware and maintenance costs
  • Licensing costs for certain products/features
  • Hardware refresh at the end of useful life or end of manufacturer support
  • Redundancy and high speed connectivity between data centers and regional hubs

OTS knows that no one understands your agency’s business-related needs better than you do. We also understand that pursuing respective technology needs to address those business-related needs often represents a bigger challenge. That's where we come in. The OTS team is committed to helping connect your agency to products and services that will address business needs while simplifying and streamlining those processes as much as possible.

Access our catalog of products and services to learn more about particular products or services that we offer, as well guidance regarding how to order or access each product or service.

Thanks for allowing the OTS staff help you meet all of your office's tech-related needs.

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