Louisiana Division of Administration

Office of State Uniform Payroll

Office of state uniform payroll

Mission Statement

To administer and facilitate payroll services in a timely, accurate and professional manner; and to give quality service to agencies and vendors on the LaGov HCM system in accordance with executive policy and federal and state mandates.

The Office of State Uniform Payroll implements and maintains requirements for the centralized, statewide payroll system (LaGov HCM) and provides payroll services to executive​ branch agencies paid through the system. The OSUP staff coordinates efforts to ensure accurate and timely payments to employees and vendors; to expedite payroll payable liquidation; to establish, maintain and monitor all statewide actions associated with garnished wages; and to assist agency personnel with all phases of the payroll process. OSUP keeps agencies apprised of information pertaining to payroll processing and issues directives and policies related to it.

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