Louisiana Division of Administration

Insurance Information Notices


2021-11 New Elevator Inspection Company and Procedures/Criteria
2021-10 Severe Winter Storms, ORM as the FEMA Applicant
2021-9 Hurricane Zeta, ORM as the FEMA Applicant
2021-8 Resuming Loss Prevention Activities April 1 2021
2021-7 Reporting Claims Related To Winter Freeze Event
2021-6 Hurricane Delta, ORM As the FEMA Applicant
2021-5 Preparations for Hurricane Zeta
2021-4 Preparations for Hurricane Delta
2021-3 Preparations for Tropical Storm Sally
2021-2 Hurricane Laura, August 22-27, 2020, ORM As the FEMA Applicant
2021-1 Preparations for Hurricane Laura


2020-7 Reporting Storm Damage for Tropical Storm Cristobal
2020-6 Tropical Storm Cristobal
2020-5 Loss Prevention Audit Accommodations Due to COVID-19
2020-4 Cyber Liability
2020-3 Statewide Remediation and Emergency Services
2020-2 Tropical Storm Barry, ORM as the FEMA Applicant
2020-1 Preparation for Invest 92L/Tropical Storm Barry


2019-5 Louisiana Flooding
2019-4 Ruston Tornado
2019-3 Auto Deductible Reimbursement
2019-2 Crisis Management and Response
2019-1 Preparation for Tropical Storm Gordon


2018-9 Preparation for Tropical Storm Alberto
2018-8 Hurricane Harvey, ORM as the FEMA Applicant
2018-7 Updated Elevator Inspection Contract Information
2018-6 Preparation for Tropical Storm Nate
2018-5 Workers' Compensation Post-Accident Drug Testing Policy
2018-4 Preparation for Hurricane Harvey
2018-3 Commercial Aviation Insurance
2018-1 Louisiana Severe Storms and Flooding, March and August 2016, HUD/OCD-DRU CDBG-FEMA Public Assistance Non-Federal Share Match Program


2017-4 Preparation for Tropical Storm Cindy
2017-1 Insurance Coverage for Student Experiential Learning


2016-10 August 2016 Flooding
2016-8 March 2016 Flooding
2016-6 Newly Declared Federal Disaster, February 5, 2016
2016-4 Insurance Language in Contracts
2016-3 TPA Reporting Procedures
2016-2 Third Party Administrator Change
2016-1 Equipment Breakdown (Boiler and Machinery) Inspections and Claim Reporting


2015-3 State Pool Car Program / DA-2041 Form Changes
2015-2 Hurricane Isaac, ORM as the FEMA Applicant
2015-1 Transitional Duty Return to Work Plan


2013-4 Property Coverage and Reporting
2013-2 Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike
2013-1 Property Coverage Changes


2011-10 Procedures for Claims and Remediation of Flood Damage
2011-9 Mitigation of Loss Due to Imminent Flooding
2011-7 Building Vacancy Permits
2011-6 Reduction of Auto Liability Limit
2011-5 Inspection of Rental Vehicles
2011-4 Vehicle Use and Insurance
2011-2 Property Loss and Repairs
2011-1 Guidelines for Collision and Comprehensive Claims on State-Owned Licensed Vehicles Repaired In-House


2010-1 Reporting Requirements for Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007

2008-1 Insurance Coverage for Student Interns Required by Course Curriculum - Suspended as of July 1, 2015

2006-5 Builder's Risk Coverage Changes

2002-4 Revised - State Employee Faithful Performance Blanket Bond Exclusion
2002-3 Movable Property Valued Below $1,000
2002-2 State Employee Faithful Performance Blanket Bond Exclusion

2000-1 Automobile Physical Damage Total Loss Claims - State-Owned Licensed Vehicles