Louisiana Division of Administration

Vendor Information

The Division of Administration Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy is responsible for maintaining the statewide vendor database. The duties performed by OSRAP include the activation of new records, verification of Taxpayer Identification Numbers, verification of 1099 reporting status and maintenance of existing vendor records. The vendor database contains name, address and reporting information on the individuals and companies that provide goods and services to the state or receive state assistance payments.

The name and address information in the vendor database may be used for the issuance of bids, purchase orders, correspondence and/or payments. A vendor cannot receive a state purchase order or a payment for goods and services issued from the state's central purchasing or accounting system without being enrolled in the state vendor database. It is imperative that the vendor informs the state of any changes that affect this information to prevent delays in the issuance of important transmissions. Failure to do so may result in misrouted payments or lost business opportunities. Vendors can see and update information by logging into the LaGov Vendor Self Service Portal.

For a new vendor to be unblocked for purchasing and payments in the statewide vendor database, the vendor must complete a W-9 form certifying that the TIN used belongs to the individual or company. This is to ensure compliance with 1099 reporting requirements and the integrity of information in the vendor database.

If you have done business with the State and need to verify that your information is correct or need additional assistance with your vendor record, contact the OSRAP Vendor Section at 225.342.1097 or DOA-OSRAP-LAGOV@la.gov

If you are interested in receiving funds via Electronic Funds Transfer, please send an email to our EFT group at _DOA-OSRAP-EFT@LA.GOV. In the email, include your LaGov vendor number which starts with "31" and/or your Federal Employee Identification Number. 

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