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Office of State Buildings


The Office of State Buildings maintains and operates all facilities under the jurisdiction of the Division of Administration. This currently includes over 6 million sq. ft., primarily office buildings as well as other occupancy types. Included among our facilities are many office buildings that house various state agencies providing service to the public.

The mission of the Office of State Buildings is to provide for the operations and maintenance within and around all building facilities under Division of Administration jurisdiction. Four regional divisions perform operations and maintenance: Alexandria/Lafayette Region, Shreveport/Monroe Region, New Orleans Region, and the Baton Rouge Region. The Operations Division has local and regional responsibilities for operations and preventive maintenance.

Four distinct functional divisions perform repairs and ​​​minor construction: Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Horticultural. These divisions have statewide responsibilities over maintenance functions. Large construction projects and repairs are handled via contracts through Facility Planning and Control and/or the Office of State Procurement.​

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