Louisiana Division of Administration

Document Access

To search for Historical documents, go to Historical Records Search. These documents include U.S. and State historical land title information, including information related to: Land Grants; all severance documents of U.S. and State public lands - which lists the first private owner; all U.S. Official Township Survey plats and field notes; the U.S. and State Tract Books - which are an index of all the other documents mentioned; Section 16 School Lands; State Patents; and numerous related documents. These records make up the source of title for every acre of land in Louisiana.​

To search for Tax documents, go to Tax Records Search. These documents include Property Tax Adjudication documents (comprising adjudications, redemptions, cancellations and sales) relating to lands seized for the non-payment of State property taxes from 1880 to 1973.​

Please see the document definitions​ to better understand the types of documents available at this site.​ All document images can be downloaded in .tif format free of charge.​ You may also order a copy of any document. You can specify your mailing and payment information to purchase requested documents.

For your convenience, you may ask questions, notify us of problems, or make comments by emailing the Historical Records Section​.​ Please let us know how we can better serve your needs!