Louisiana Division of Administration

LGAP and CWEF Programs

About the Local Government Assistance Program and Community Water Enrichment Fund

LGAP and CWEF are funded annually through the state’s Capital Outlay construction program. LGAP is designed to fill the gaps where there are no federal or other state funds available to assist local governments with an identified high priority need. Priority is given to projects that resolve basic human health and safety needs, such as fire and police protection and sewer and water improvements. CWEF provides funding to aid units of local government in rehabilitating, improving and constructing projects for community water systems to provide safe, clean drinking water. 

$400,000 has been set-aside in each of the programs for projects determined to be of an emergency nature that affect the health and safety of residents of an area.  The ceiling amount for an individual emergency grant is $200,000. The emergency situation must have occurred within 3 months of application submission.  Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis.  Local governments interested in applying for these funds should first contact Jeff Tessier in the Office of Community Development to discuss the proposed project.  If it is determined by the Office of Community Development that the proposed project meets the intent of the program, the local government will be invited to submit an application.