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Louisiana Property Assistance Agency

Louisiana property assistance agency

The Louisiana Property Assistance Agency is responsible for the control and disposition of all state movable property and management of the state’s fleet of vehicles.

State movable property includes such things as office furniture, office equipment, cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, farm equipment, and medical equipment.

The agency keeps track of the inventory of state movable property, what agency is using it, and where it is physically located. When the property is no longer needed by any agency, LPAA offers it for sale or auction in an effort to return as much revenue to the state as possible from its disposal.

The purpose of the fleet management is to provide motor vehicles and related services to the state and to maintain safe, dependable, and cost-effective transportation for state employees requiring the use of passenger vehicles in the performance of their jobs. The agency also sells or auctions vehicles once the state declares them surplus property.

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