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Office of State Lands

The Office of State Lands, also known as the State Land Office, is responsible for the identification,​ administration, and management of state public lands and water bottoms. As such, it services a broad range of clientele all having varying degrees of interest in public lands, navigable water bottoms and the minerals thereunder. The primary goal of the office is to insure the highest economic return and the maximum public use possible of our state public lands and water bottoms. The office works to maximize revenues while ensuring continued public use of state public lands and water ​​bottoms. Emphasis is placed on revenue generation through land and timber sales, surface and sub-surface leasing, the issuance of rights-of-way and surface and subsurface agreements, and water bottoms permitting. State Lands also aims to protect the state's proprietary interests in its lands and water bottoms through the permitting process.​​​



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