Louisiana Division of Administration

Forms, Guidelines and Memos

FY 2021-2022 Budget Preparation Memorandum OPB Budget Request Preparation Memorandum.
FY 2021-2022 Budget Forms (Zipped)​ OPB forms and instructions for the budget request package (includes Children's Cabinet and Workforce Development budget forms).
JLCB Calendar (January-June)​ ​Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget Calendar/Deadlines - January 2021 to June, 2021​.
JLCB Calendar (July-December) Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget Calendar/Deadlines - July 2021 to December, 2021​.
Mid-Year Budget Adjustment (BA-7) Forms - MS Excel Main form used to reflect the agencies requested mid-year adjustment(s) in the areas of finance, expenditure, personnel, and program performance. Note: a completed Mid-Year Budget Adjustment Questionnaire must also accompany this form. (Revised 7-1-2021)
Mid-Year Budget Adjustment (BA-7) Questionnaire - MS Word Support document used to clarify and expand on significant items from the main form. Note: this form must accompany a Mid-Year Budget Adjustment Form.
BA-22 Memo Memorandum regarding submission of revised Form BA-22 with contracts. Revised October 27, 2005.​​
BA-22 Instructions Instructions for completing revised Form BA-22. Revised July 21, 2020.
BA-22 Form Revised Form BA-22. Revised July 21, 2020.
Expenditure and Revenue Budget (EB/RB) Adjustment Requests Memorandum regarding Expenditure Budget (EB) and Revenue Budget (RB) Adjustment Requests. ​Posted 8/3/05.
Request for Expenditures Budget Adjustment (Form EB) Forms used to request Expenditure Budget (EB) realignment between expenditure categories. Updated 10/02/05. (Note: This spreadsheet has been protected to prevent accidental deletion of formulas. However, such protection also prevents users from hiding unused rows. To unprotect any worksheet in the spreadsheet, go to Tools > Protection > Unprotect Sheet. A password is NOT required.)
Expendit​ure and Revenue Budget (EB/RB) Controls Memorandum regarding Expenditure Budget (EB) and Revenue Budget (RB) controls. Posted 6/16/05.