Louisiana Division of Administration

Uniform Codification System

The Administrative Procedure Act authorizes OSR to "prescribe a uniform system of indexing, numbering, arrangement of text and citation of authority and history notes for the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC).

This system of numbering is called codification and is used to identify content of the LAC.

The LAC is divided by Titles, which are organized according to subject matter.

Titles are subdivided using the following sequential order. Notice that each component has its own identifier that uses either uppercase letters, lower case letters, Arabic numerals, or Roman numerals.


See Standardized Arrangement for Formatting for LAC Manuscript Style.

LAC Codification

Each codification unit is followed by a period and a tab.

Part I
Subpart 1 (optional)
Chapter 1
Subchapter A (optional)
§101. Section
  A. Subsection
    1. Paragraph
       a. Subparagraph
        i. Clause
          (a). Subclause
             (i). Division