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The rule-making process in Louisiana is designed to be people-friendly. Rules are adopted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). The APA outlines the process that allows for public comments as well as legislative oversight and input. Rules are formatted using a uniform codification system.


Proposed rules, emergency rules, rules, public notices, and other relevant information are published monthly in the Louisiana Register. 

Finalized rules can be viewed in the compiled set of administrative law, the Louisiana Administrative Code.

All current rules and proposed rules can be viewed on our website at no cost.

Emergency Rules

Louisiana Register

Louisiana Administrative Code



The Louisiana Register contains two research guides:

Administrative Code Update, and

Cumulative Index.

Historical Notes, found at the end of every section of the Louisiana Administrative Code, also provide a historical promulgation record.


Administrative Code Update

The Administrative Code Update (ACU) is printed quarterly (January, April, July, October). The ACU yearly update is published in each January issue.
This update contains rule promulgation data for the previous year. It lists the LAC citation of the relevant text, the action taken, the month of the register issue, and the page number. The information in this data base is sorted by LAC Title.

Cumulative Index

A Cumulative Index appears at the end of each issue. The December index contains information of all documents published throughout the current year.
The numbers in each entry indicate the page number where the document can be found, and the letters indicate the type of document. Refer to the key at the beginning of each index for corresponding page numbers and monthly issues.

Historical Notes

The historical note of a section records every action taken on that section in the Louisiana Register. This note begins with name of the promulgating entity(ies) and then records the action and all subsequent actions. It includes the relevant Louisiana Register citation (Month, Year and Page Number) for each action. Notice that when an action is repeated, it is not duplicated.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Promulgated by the Department of Horse and Buggy, Board of Wheels, LR 8:72 (February 1982), amended LR 10:224 (May 1984), LR 11:1031 (August 1985), amended by the Department of Driving Safety, Office of Vehicles, LR 16:331 (April 1990), LR 19:1330 (October 1993).