Louisiana Division of Administration

Potpourri Notice


  • An original signed insertion order is needed for all documents submitted for publication.

Example Substantive Change Notice

See also: APA Guide and Document Filing

The Potpourri section contains a variety of notices that state agencies promulgate through the Louisiana Register.

All such notices are to be prepared and submitted for publication in MSWord.

Standardized formatting is required.

For substantive changes hearing notices, the document should be in the following order:

  • Opening Paragraph(s). (Agency Statement) This is a paragraph(s) explaining the basis and rationale for the changes being made to the proposed rule. Cite where the original notice of intent can be viewed, the Louisiana Register volume and corresponding page number(s).

  • Rule Text. The proposed changes should be in codified format showing the temporary placement(s) in the Notice of Intent (Title, Part, Chapter, Section...).

  • Hearing Paragraph. A paragraph containing hearing information (where and when).