Louisiana Division of Administration

Notice of Intent


Rule text in each document submittal must conform to the state Standardized Arrangement for Formatting.

Rule text must be written in plain language.

An original signed insertion order is needed for all documents submitted for publication.

Example Notice of Intent: Adoption
Example Notice of Intent: Amendment

For other examples of complete Notices of Intent, including: Family Impact Statements, Poverty Impact Statements, Small Business Analyses, and Provider Impact Statements, view a current issue of the Louisiana Register.

See also: APA Guide and Document Filing

A Notice of Intent is a proposed rule made available to the public, oversight committees, and Governor for review. It is a "package of information" containing the materials prescribed in R.S. 49:953(A)(1)(a). Below is the information needed for a Notice of Intent in the order it is to be included in your document.

  • Opening Paragraphs. (Preamble) The opening paragraph(s) should contain the department's statutory authority for rule making (citation of the enabling authority), the basis and rationale for the intended action, and the intended action being taken (adopting, amending, or repealing).
  • Rule Text. The proposed rule should be in codified format showing its placement in the Louisiana Administrative Code. (Title, Part, Chapter, Section...) If you are amending existing sections, an underline/strikethrough version of this document should be sent to the House and the Senate. The Office of the State Register prints only the current text and will need a copy in that format.

    (By printing only the changed portion, the public views only the text that has been amended. Printing the entire version has benefits and drawbacks. One of the drawbacks of printing proposed and existing text together is that you may receive comments on the existing text that is not open for public review. If you do decide to print the sections in their entirety, specify the changes in the opening paragraph for clarification.)

  • Family Impact Statement (R.S. 49:972)
  • Poverty Impact Statement (R.S. 49:973)
  • Small Business Analysis (R.S. 49:978.5), and if required, a Small Business Statement (R.S.49:956.5)
  • Provider Impact Statement (HCR 170 of the 2014 Regular Session)
  • Public Comments Paragraph. A paragraph explaining where and to whom the public can present comments concerning the proposed rule: where to send comments, ending date of acceptance, and name of person responsible for handling all inquiries.
  • Hearing Paragraph. A paragraph containing hearing information (where and when) is needed if the agency feels that a hearing will be requested pursuant to R.S. 49:953(A)(2)(a).
  • Fiscal and Economic Impact Statement. A statement prepared by the agency and approved by the Legislative Fiscal Office. [R.S. 49:953(A)(1)(a)(ii) and (iii)]