Louisiana Division of Administration



  • An original signed insertion order is needed for all documents submitted for publication.
  • A copy of your dated Summary Report MUST be in your rule publication filing.

See also: APA Guide and Document Filing

A Rule must be promulgated in the Louisiana  Register to be effective and enforced. A Rule may be submitted for publication only after legislative fiscal and economic approval, public review, and legislative review. (See APA Guide for mandatory actions that must be taken prior to rule finalization.)

When submitting a final Rule that was previously published as a Notice of Intent, DO NOT resubmit an electronic copy. Simply photocopy the Notice of Intent from the Register in which it was published and mark in red ink any changes to be made. When marking changes, keep the following guidelines in mind.

►   All indicated changes must be technical, unless a hearing has been conducted pursuant to R.S. 49:968(H)(2). If there are substantial changes pursuant to a hearing, then the agency is required to submit a copy of the Potpourri Hearing Notice and confirmation from the Legislative Fiscal Office that the Rule is approved for adoption.

►   In the introductory paragraph, phrases such as "proposed Rule" will be changed to "Rule," and phrases such as "intends to adopt" will become "has adopted."

►  Unless otherwise stated, the sentence, "This Rule is hereby adopted on the day of promulgation." will be added to the end of all opening paragraphs. This adoption date is pursuant to R.S. 49:953(A)(1) and R.S. 49:954. It is not to be confused with the rule-making approval given by an agency head.

►   The Fiscal and Economic Impact Statement, along with the Family Impact Statement, Poverty Impact Statement, Small Business Analysis, Provider Impact Statement, Public Comments paragraph, and the Public Hearing paragraph will be deleted.