Louisiana Division of Administration

PCF Credentialing

The PCF has developed and posted a standard form that we prefer be used for such requests. Other forms can be sent, but the PCF form will be completed if we feel it is more appropriate and provides the requested information. If there is additional information being requested which is not contained on the PCF form, the information will be provided if available.

If a doctor, nurse or other health care provider is covered through a group such as an ER Group, Hospital, clinic, etc., their claims history and coverage information will be listed with the group, not individually. The PCF will be able to provide limited information. You will need to contact the provider or their primary carrier to get their claim history. When you receive the claim history from another source, the PCF can attempt to verify the information.

Release Form

Request Form

Sample Response

Signed releases are required before information regarding health care providers claims history can be supplied. Allow at least two weeks for processing of these requests.

You may now email your requests for credentialing/claims history to:  PCFCredentialing@la.gov

*Remember to attach the provider's signed authorization to your email.​

Current PCF Certificates of Enrollment can be obtained from this website. Please return to home page for the link.

Requests can be faxed to: PCF/Credentialing Clerk at 225.342.5593

For further information please contact Normeca Smith at 225.342.5254 or normeca.smith@la.gov or Susan Gremillion at 225.342.5303​ or susan.gremillion@la.gov.