Louisiana Division of Administration

Document Preparation

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Notice of Intent


Emergency Rule

Potpourri Notice


Document preparation for Louisiana Register publication and Louisiana Administrative Code assimilation is done by using a methodical process.

Each document is composed according to its purpose, for example: a proposed rule has more components than a finalized rule and both have different components than an emergency rule. 

All documents should be written in plain language and use the state standardized arrangement for formatting.


Commonly used LAC Manuscript Styles:

Agency Names
Authority and Historical Notes
Abbreviations and Symbols

Standardized Arrangement for Formatting

Use the uniform codification system to arrange the text in your document.

Format document text using uniform guidelines prescribed by the Office of the State Register. The use of most text follows the standard rules of grammar. However, certain content follows the manuscript style prescribed for the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC).


Codification Units:

Part I
Subpart 1 (optional)
Chapter 1
Subchapter A (optional)
§101. Section
A. Subsection
1. Paragraph
a. Subparagraph
i. Clause

Uniform Codification System

The Administrative Procedure Act authorizes OSR to "prescribe a uniform system of indexing, numbering, arrangement of text and citation of authority and history notes for the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC). This system of numbering is called codification and is used to identify content of the LAC.

The LAC is divided by Titles, which are organized according to subject matter.

Titles are subdivided using the following sequential order. Notice that each component has its own identifier that uses either uppercase letters, lower case letters, Arabic numerals, or Roman numerals.